Award Time for an End to a Very Very Long Season


In reality, the Arizona Diamondbacks play 162 games, just as many as every other Major League Baseball team.  The 2010 season though feels oh so different for the Dbacks and their fans.  To me at least, it seems like the Dbacks played about 1162 games.

I will break down the roster position by position later in the week once the season has officially concluded and provide my opinions on who should stay and who should go for the Dbacks.  For now, my awards for the 2010 season.

MVP:  Adam Laroche

This is a tough pick.  I easily could have said Chris Young, Kelly Johnson, or Daniel Hudson.  Young was my mid-season MVP.  Unfortunately his batting average suffered a little in the second half of the season.  Laroche provided the power I expected him to provide, albeit he got a late start to things.  Better late than never.  I said when he signed in the off-season, if he could hit at least 25 home runs and 100 RBI, it would be considered a success.  There was a chance he was going to get traded before the deadline in July, however now it appears an extension may occur instead.  I say good move!

Top Pitcher: Daniel Hudson

In his short two months with the team, Hudson, who was acquired in a trade for Edwin Jackson, has been the most consistent since August 1.  He also appears to be a lock for the 2011 rotation.  This guy was quite a find.  An ERA of 1.65, clearly the cream of the crop for any pitcher to don a Dbacks uniform in 2010.

Least Valuable Player: Mark Reynolds

Hitting .198 won't help anyone at any level.  I don't care that he hit 32 home runs.  He only has 99 hits for the entire season.  His strikeout total has been well chronicled.   The number of strikeouts aren't really even what is the most bothersome.  It's the fact that many of those strikeouts came with runners on base or in scoring position.  His outs were unproductive and for the most part has been wholly unimpressive in 2010.

Least Valuable Pitcher:  Esmerling Vazquez

Apologies to Chad Qualls, Vazquez got it because he is still here.  Besides, any guy that balks the winning run in deserves this award.  Many balks are controversial.  His was unfortunately not.  In that ill-fated game against the Los Angeles Dodgers back in April, the balk was clear.  His ERA may not be the worst out of the bullpen but only because he spent a lot of time giving up other pitchers runs.  Also, why is it, with as bad as the bullpen has been in general, that Vasquez is the only one that I have absolutely zero confidence in when he walks to the mound?  Qualls gave me that feeling too.  Like I said, he isn't here anymore, so Vasquez wins.