D’backs One of the Worst Franchises in Baseball?


As the rumors heat up about the Arizona Diamondbacks and the possibilities of trading outfielder Justin Upton, people are wondering what's going on?  A week ago, there was no talk of Justin Upton being traded.  This week, it's been all the talk of baseball.  Why though?

We know the D'backs are staving for pitching talent, especially in the bullpen.  We know they have deficiencies in several areas, one being the bench.  However, to what extremes are the D'backs willing to go to in order to shore up those short comings?  Trading Justin Upton?  I say don't do it.

I read from the Arizona Republic, in Dan Bickley's column yesterday, that Peter Gammons called the D'backs one of the worst franchises in baseball.  Really?  Yeah, we know there were very low attended games.  You have that in places where teams are winning too - see the Cincinnati Reds.  The reality is the D'backs didn't have a lot of money to spend the past couple of seasons.  One has to wonder where they are going to get the money to sign free agents this year, but they seem to be interested in checking it out.

Having no money doesn't necessarily make you a bad franchise.  Yes, having low attendance figures helps the fact that there is not enough money to spend.  Baseball, as in most other sports, is cyclical.  It was time for a D'backs downturn.  They are still paying off players that left long ago.  Phoenix has been one of the hardest hit areas in the recession, so it wasn't all on the D'Backs part that the fans didn't show in 2010.  The games last forever.  It's tough to bring kids in the middle of the week.  Saturday and Sunday games were better attended, as I'm sure you will see in other parks, good or bad teams.

They are nowhere near the best, but the worst?  I don't think so Mr. Gammons.  Maybe it's time to retire.  Your health failed you a couple of years ago.  I was happy to see you return.  I've always respected your thoughts and opinions.  I think you should do your homework though before you throw out that the D'backs are one of the worst.  Yes, in the standings they were one of the worst in 2010.  As a franchise though, it's not fair to say that.  They are trying.  They hired Kevin Towers.  It's a start to getting better.