Padres Moving to Self-Destruct Mode


First, the San Diego Padres brought in former Arizona Diamondbacks manager A.J. Hinch into the organizational fold.  They traded Adrian Gonzalez to the Boston Red Sox.  Now, they’ve brought in former Arizona General Manager Josh Byrnes to be the senior vice president of baseball operations.  Thank you San Diego!

The dysfunction in the NL West is seemingly shifting west to San Diego.  Now all they have to do in order to complete the cycle is get a contract to Eric Byrnes.  I’m sure he’d gladly give up his $14 million softball playing contract the D’backs had him on the payroll for.

In essence, we’ve traded Kevin Towers for Josh Byrnes.  I wonder if Byrnes had any say in the departure of Gonzalez.  If he did, all I can say to Padres fans is HAHA!  Now it’s your turn!  Realistically not every move Byrnes made for the D’backs was bad, but in all honestly he really messed things up here in Arizona in 2010.  What the Padres see in him I don’t know.  I do wish him well believe it or not.  He was supposed to be the next great thing in Arizona.  That obviously did not happen.  Maybe it will in San Diego.  Right now though, Padrtes fans have to be scratching their heads over what has transpired over the past several days.