Two Cents on Brian Sabean’s Comments About Buster Posey Injury


It seems the San Francisco Giants have themselves a distraction, as their general manager Brian Sabean gave the Giants an out should they blow the division lead and give it to someone say like the Arizona Diamondbacks.  We all know what happened just under two weeks ago when Giants catcher Buster Posey was barreled over by Florida Marlins rookie outfielder Scott Cousins at home plate, thus injuring Posey and ending his season.  Some people, namely Sabean, just couldn't keep their comments to themselves and it is unfortunate.

Sabean has always come off as a smart guy to me up until this week.

"if I never hear from Cousins again, or he doesn't play another day in the big leagues, I think we'll all be happy - Brian Sabean"

Wow.  For a general manager to come out with those comments, especially against Cousins, who is receiving daily death threats, on a play that was LEGAL to begin with, is mind-boggling.  I realize the emotions are running high and it is a shock to lose such a great player, however, the comments were un-called for.

Sabean later retracted, a bit, and said he reached out to Cousins to apologize, however he only did so with Major League Baseball breathing down his neck.  You don't come out with comments like that unless there is some truth behind those feelings.  Even other catchers, such as former Cincinnati Reds great Johnny Bench, said it was a good play on Cousins part and actually Posey was at fault for his positioning up against home plate.  I couldn't agree more.

These plays have been happening for years.  I guarantee you if a Giants player bowled over the Marlins catcher, say John Buck, the Giants wouldn't be crying foul to the league office asking for the rules to be changed.  If any rules get changed because of this one play, then in my mind, baseball loses all credibility in my mind.  The rule has been the same forever.  The runner stayed in the running path and the catcher was in his way.  He didn't maliciously hurt the catcher.  Legal play.  There should be end of story.  Period.

Stuff like this happens.  If it happened to Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero, sure I would be upset, but also would realize the play is legal and Montero set himself up for destruction just as Posey did against the Marlins.  Let's hope nothing is changed because of this tragic play because that's all it was, tragic....but legal.