Sun Life Stadium Resembles Church Crowd


I wonder why Miami is spending a lot of money to build the Florida Marlins a new stadium?  Granted, Sun Life Stadium is not the ideal place for a baseball game.  The place wasn't built for baseball, however, I think if you told the people of Miami there was gold being given out at the game, you'd still have about the crowd you had in Miami last night for the Arizona Diamondbacks - Florida Marlins game.

The announced crowd was 18,888 or 49% full.  Yeah right.  If there were that many people there, then I'm a two-time lottery jackpot winner too.  I realize they go by paid attendance in Florida.  However, if that's the paid attendance, then a lot of people are wasting their money - a lot.  In this economy, not sure why so many people feel it necessary to waste money like that.  If you want to buy season tickets and not go....just send me the $5,000-$10,000 you would have otherwise paid for the tickets.  I could find a better use.

I would be hard pressed to find 1,800 people at last nights game much less 18,000.  At least at a Diamondbacks game, there is no hiding the low attendance.  When they say 15,000, yeah, you can find 15,000 people, mostly in the lower bowl.  Then again, attendance at sporting events in Miami has always been suspect to begin with.

The Miami Heat had some of the quietest home crowds all season.  I mean, even with the star power they have, they still couldn't fill seats in the arena this season.  Now, you have bandwagon jumpers who are showing up at playoff time.  Miami isn't the only city with this issue mind you.  It just happens to be where the Dbacks are playing right now, so I am picking on them.  Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati to name a few others I could pick on.

How these teams stay viable is beyond me.  Even the they grew into a better team this season, it still hasn't translated into fannies in the seats.  Personally, I don't see it getting any better unless the Dbacks make the playoffs.'ll see the Arizona bandwagoners.

The Marlins have a good young team.  I feel for them to be playing in front of crowds smaller than you'd find at many minor league ball parks right now.  Support your teams!  C'mon people!