MLB Red Carpet Show Highlights


I love that baseball has a Red Carpet Show for the All-Star Game.  What is this though, the Oscars?  Well, you do have a red carpet lining the streets.  You do have the dumb questions being asked by the interviewers.  So, close enough.  It is pretty cool to see the players parading with their families though.
Here are some of my favorite highlights:

MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds and Greg Amsinger asking ‘The Beard”, San Francisco Giants reliever Brian Wilson, about the growth of his beard.  He started it after the birth of his child and has decided to keep it to “see how are it will take me.”  He candidly said he wants to be one of those guys that plays 15-20 years, not one of those three year guys people forget about down the road.

Minnesota Twins Michael Cuddyer did a magic trick for MLB Network’s Hazel Mae.  Too bad he couldn’t make her disappear.

Hazel Mae asking the Texas Rangers Michael Young if he enjoyed being at the All-Star Game after his now 7th trip.  What?  What is he going to say?  “No Hazel, this sucks.”  Ask some real open-ended questions please.

I did like Mae’s interview with the Pittsburgh Pirates Joel Hanrahan and her asking about his painted toes.  He said his teammate and former Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder has the painted toes now, but might get them back later, who knows.