Diamondbacks Roster Review: Aaron Heilman


As we head into the second half of the season, it is time to take a look at the current roster before all the possible trades and roster moves are made as the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to contend for a possible NL West divisional title. Next Up – Aaron Heilman.

Heilman: 4-1, 6.55 ERA

Review: What kills me about this guy is the opponents batting average is .310 against him.  He was about the only semi-reliable guy in the pen last season until August, then he just folded like everyone else did and has seemed to carry that into 2011.

Outlook: It can’t be bright.  Bullpen help apparently is coming and if anyone in that pen is to go first, well, let’s just say Heilman has to be at the beginning of the exit line.  It was a nice thought giving him another try in 2011, but really, enough is enough.  Don’t be fooled by his 4 wins.