Diamondbacks Roster Review: Sean Burroughs


Into the second half of the season now, it is time to continue to take a look at the current roster as the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to contend for a possible NL West divisional title. Next Up – Sean Burroughs

Burroughs: .240, 0HR, 3 RBI

Review:  Burroughs was eating out of a trash can a year ago.  Now he’s hitting like trash off the Dbacks bench.  Ok, a bit of a stretch, but he has failed to produce time after time when called upon.  He needs to produce more consistently.

Outlook:  Who knows?  I thought Burroughs would be done after the first demotion and then he found his way back.  The Dbacks must see something in him.  What that is, I don’t know yet.  I hope the best for him, I really do, especially given where he came from.  However he can’t continue to be a liability on the bench of a team that is competing for a division title.