In the End, Gibby Was Probably Right About Playing Bench


When I saw half the Arizona Diamondbacks bench played in yesterday’s 8-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants, I thought why?  This was the chance to put your foot on the throat of the Giants and sweep them.  However the more and more I thought about it, it might have been the better move to sit some regulars, give them an extra day of rest, and have them be fresh for this weekend.  After all, the series had already been won.  Sometimes though, it just seems teams let up when things start going well and that was the only real problem I was having at the time.

Colin Cowgill played for Gerardo ParraHenry Blanco played for Miguel Montero, for which in that case I completely get it.  Montero getting a day game off after playing the night before.  Understandable.  Then you had Cody Ransom playing for Willie Bloomquist.  If you want, you can throw Paul Goldschmidt in there too, however he is going to play close to everyday.  However, three of the four of those guys were in the minors within the past week or two.

Parra has been hot lately, so you just hope there was no momentum lost.  The problem is though is that Cowgill and Ransom, and Blanco for that matter, aren’t hitting at all.  You wonder how long the Dbacks can run with the bench players they have?  It would seem to me, at this rate, not long.

So, it will all be back to normal tomorrow, but Gibby giving those guys some rest was probably the right move in the end.  It doesn’t mean I have to like the move.  I would love to see the Dbacks just take charge of the division and run away.  Fact is, they won’t, no matter what they do and that’s the realization I came to and I’m sure most others have come to as well.