MLB Has Bigger Issues if Deer Antler Spray Being Used


Let’s just forget the fact that deer antler spray is now on the banned substance list.  I want to know who the heck was using this stuff in the first place?  It came out that it can be used as stimulant when sprayed under the tongue.  First of all…eww.  Second of all, I really want to meet the first person that tried this.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know the stuff existed until yesterday.

MLB came out on the subject because there are substances within the spray that are now considered banned, but not on the current banned substance list.  Was someone one day just sitting around thinking of a way to enhance their performance and go “hey Bob, how about this here deer antler spray?  I’ll bet this is some good stuff”

So not only was someone whacked out enough to try it, apparently someone figured out for it to be effective, it should go under the tongue.  I’ll tell you, to be honest, if a baseball player was using this stuff, I would be more worried about the person than the substance.  Just the mere thought of deer antler spray being used is disturbing.

At least we know there aren’t any Arizona Diamondbacks using it.  That, or it doesn’t really work, cause the offense hasn’t exactly been tearing the cover off the ball.