Winning! Charlie Sheen Takes Batting Practice at Chase Field


Actor Charlie Sheen took batting practice today prior to the Arizona Diamondbacks game against the New York Mets.  Apparently he is in pre-production of Major League III.  While pretty neat to see sheen taking batting practice off of Dbacks bullpen coach Jeff Motuzas, really, a Major League III?  I loved the first one.  The second one was kind of a joke.

Sheen apparently hurt his elbow during the session today.  You don’t hear of many people getting hurt during BP, but then again how many 45 almost 46 year old actors take BP?  Yeah, not many.  Especially ones that as much a mess as Sheen has been in 2011.

I suppose the publicity is nice and I’m looking forward to seeing what they could possibly pull out of their rears for a ML III script.  All I can say is…winning!!