Dbacks Taco Bell Promo Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be


For the past couple of seasons, the Arizona Diamondbacks have had a promotion with Taco Bell that anytime the Dbacks score six or more runs, you get three free crunchy tacos with the purchase of a large drink between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. the day following the game.  The tacos are good in a pinch, certainly hits the spot when eaten, however, the deal is not as good as it seems to be nor is the policy of deal applied consistently between Taco Bell franchises.

The Dbacks got 10 runs yesterday against the Colorado Rockies, therefore the deal was in place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. today at any participating Taco Bell.  Last season they allowed you to purchase multiple deals at the same time, say for my wife and myself.  Now this season, each of us must purchase our own deal.  Ok, makes it interesting when getting the deal to go some times, but I can deal. So today, I happened to have my wife with me.  She got her deal at one Taco Bell and I got mine at the one closest to home.

The deal calls for three crunchy tacos, however I am more of a fan of the soft tacos.  The crunchy tacos at the Taco Bell over by where I live are always broken apart before I even get one in my mouth.  So, it makes more of a mess than I really care to deal with.  Still tastes alright though.

I will never be one to complain much about something I get for free, well almost free.  I do get crappy Diet Pepsi for $1.99 ( I prefer Diet Coke), but Diet Pepsi is ok every once in awhile.  That part I’ve learned to live with.  A couple of weeks ago I took to Twitter to complain how I wished the deal was for soft tacos.  I’m just a bigger fan of the soft variety.  Well, I got an earful from people all over saying how I just need to ask for a substitution of soft tacos, as they get it all the time.  I told them I could have sworn I tried once last season and was denied but I would try the next time I get the deal.

Enter today.  I attempted to go substitute soft for crunchy and was denied without hesitation.  Just like I thought would happen.  The lady at the Taco Bell here said I could not substitute.  The deal was for crunchy tacos, period.  Mmm..hmmm.  Told you so.  So, I told her people at many other Taco Bell’s were allowed to substitute.  She said, no go dude. Normally I would have asked for a manager to sort this all out, however for $1.99 it wasn’t worth it and I had my family with me.

I don’t mind the rule is for crunchy tacos only.  That’s not the point I’m trying to make here.  The point I’m trying to make is that it seems that the deal is being applied inconsistently.  Some allow you to sub, well from the sounds of the feedback I got, most allow you to sub.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised though, the Taco Bell at Brown Rd and Mesa Dr in Mesa usually doesn’t get the order right anyway.  Fact is, I’m done with this deal.  I will no longer tweet to tell people to get their tacos.  I try to bring business in for the Dbacks and their partners but if I’m going to be treated differently than others, I don’t need the hassle.  I’d rather spend my money in this case instead of getting something for free.  The loser here is Taco Bell.  Back to Jack in the Box tacos full time.  They are better anyways.

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