Diamondbacks Are National League West Champions!!


The day finally came!  No more magic numbers, no more scoreboard watching.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have won the National League West by defeating the San Francisco Giants on Friday night at Chase Field.  It wasn’t easy, but as I’ve said all season, it’s not worth it if it is easy.  Nice to see the Dbacks have to work to get the first prize in the NL West.

This cast of characters has been doing the unexpected all season, so why not top it off with a division championship?  This is the same team that went an NL-worst 12-25 in Spring Training.  This is the same team that went 15-22 to start the season before the light clicked on and the Dbacks made this a two-team race for most of the rest of the season.

The Dbacks have two people to thank in particular.  General manager Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson.  Towers built the bullpen the Dbacks were desperately missing the past couple of seasons.  Gibby changed the clubhouse attitude and the team immediately took on his attitude.

Congrats to the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks.  I think this is just the beginning and I’m not talking about next season.  get ready for the post-season!