Know Thy Enemy: Milwaukee Brewers


     Ladies and gentlemen of the D’Backs nation, on Saturday you do battle with a worthy foe.  A team that is fueled by mythical non-sense known as “Beast Mode” (possibly an energy drink, we are still checking on that).  My name is Lou Olsen and I am the Head Writer of Reviewing the Brew, a FanSided Brewers joint.  My specialties are John Axford Mustache Facts, making fun of Mark Kotsay, and well to be honest, more mustache chatter.  I have watched and/or listened to 159 Brewers games this season and I am here to prepare you for battle.  Once you have finished reading this article, you will better understand your enemy.  What you do with it…

 Brewers Weakness:  Batting Order – Spots 1-5 are dangerous ground; Corey Hart, Nyjer Morgan, Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, and Rickie Weeks.  There is no freebie there Arizona.  However, 6-9 are much more manageable; Casey McGehee, Yuniesky Betancourt, Jon Lucroy, and the pitchers spot.  If the D’Backs starters can safely navigate through the 1-5 slots in the lineup, the game becomes extremely winnable.  Betancourt is one of the worst batters in the game today, so you have that going for you too. 


Brewers Weakness:  Pitching Staff – This season the Brewers staff had 5 ten-game winners and two pitchers with over 200 K’s (Gallardo, Greinke).  Yet, Randy Wolf and Shaun Marcum have both struggled in their last few appearances.  Marcum in particular, over his past 4 starts he has allowed 18 earned runs.  Wolf has not been much better, 15 earned runs in last four starts.  It looks like you will get Zack Greinke at Chase Field and that plays in your favor, since he has never lost in Miller Park.  Yo Gallardo is 13-2 at Miller Park, try to get to him early.  The bullpen is very solid.  If the starter goes through 7 innings with a lead and gives the ball to K-Rod and Axford…your odds of victory will be severely decreased.  Axford has converted 44 straight saves, while rocking both the handle-bar and fu Manchu mustache.


Brewers Wild Card:  Center Field — Nyjer Morgan is the primary center fielder and bats left-handed, so he will face most of the D’Backs starters.  This guy is a sparkplug for this team.  All season long he has provided them with speed and clutch hitting.  If he gets hot in this series, he will be the Brewers closet hero.  Carlos Gomez will start in CF when Joe Saunders gets his start, since Saunders is a south paw.  In the past 10 games, Gomez is hitting .353 with 2 homers and 5 RBI’s.  Depending on which day you see him, he could also deliver a devastating blow via the stick or the mitt. 


Lou’s Slightly Crazy Strategy for Victory – Intentionally walk Prince Fielder as much as you can.  The big boy is going to be swinging for fences.  Miller Park is a launching pad and we saw how much he liked Chase Field during the All-Star Game.  But whatever you do, whatever you do…do not walk Braun.  I say it again, DO NOT walk Braun.  Walk Fielder.  The Cardinals did it and it worked like a charm. 


My Final Thoughts —  You have an amazing team.  There is nothing the Brewers can do, that you can’t.  This series will come down to the team that wants it more.  As cliché and lame as that sounds, it may be more true in this series than any other in these playoffs.  The team who has a big hitter get hot, will have the upper hand.  This could easily go 7 games, and I think it will.  My prediction is that the Brewers will win all four games at Miller Park, to take the series.  I have never seen a baseball team that is completely transformed by their home ballpark.  Miller Park makes this team feel invincible. 


You are all ready to do battle.  There are some small details I have omitted, but you have more than enough knowledge to successfully destroy your enemies, the Milwaukee Brewers.  Good Luck D’Backs nation.  You are such good people.  I wrote an article about you.  If only we could have met under different circumstances.  Congrats on your Division Title.  Go get ‘em soldiers!!!!!

Lou Olsen

Head Writer