Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Among MLB Fan Cave Finalists


In 2011 MLB started a new experience for it’s fans.  The MLB Fan Cave is a multimedia haven in New York City in which winners of an online contest attempt to watch every single major league contest all the while chronicling the experience on blogs, video and social media.

The selection process for the 2012 version of the Fan Cave is well underway and one of your very own Arizona Diamondbacks faithful is among the final 50 contestants.  Christy McGaugh of Phoenix is among those finalists hoping to see their dream come true with a spot in the Fan Cave.  You can check out her highly creative entry video here.  Christy definitely gets an “A” for effort.  Besides coming accross as a likelable, funny person, Christy’s production value of her intro is obviously higher than any other video I’ve viewed.  Let’s see there’s salsa, office space rental, faux Commandments, a bunch of baseball cards and a Dorthy costume–must have cost at least $100, far higher than the $0 spent by the rest of the canidates I cheked out.

The Diamondback organization supports McGaugh in her quest to make it to the Fan Cave as do we at Venom Stikes.  Several other teams have multiple candidates, but only Christy represents your team–so get out and vote for her.  You can vote for Christy the same place you viewed her video–here.

Good luck Christy!

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