A D-Backs Conspiracy Theory? Trevor Bauer Briefly Listed On Official Depth Chart


Yeah, this spring has got off to a rough start.  The D-Backs have been outscored their last four games 33-11, losing all of them and the most disappointing aspect thus far has been their rotation’s performance.

Expected to be a strong point heading into the season, the top five starters have struggled to say the least.  Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Trevor Cahill, Joe Saunders and Josh Collmenter have allowed 12 runs and 19 hits over a combined 9.1 innings this first week.  Now, I’m

definitely inclided to agree with our own Tyler Roberts that it’s way too early to panic and it’s only spring baseball–which has about as much meaning as a Hannah Montana concert–but it still makes you think when you consider that ace prospect Trevor Bauer was lights out in his sole appearance.  Bauer went two perfect innings, striking out two Rockies in the D-Backs 1-1 tie last Saturday.  When a kid is drawing comparisons to Tim Lincecum, every Diamondbacks fan should be taking notice.

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Trevor Bauer is listed as the 6th starter on the D-Backs official site.  Or I should say WAS.  It no longer appears to be that way.  Of course I didn’t get a screenshot–when I went to get it around 8:15 MST Thursday night it had changed–so you’ll just have to believe me.  Additionally Collmenter was listed as the 5th starter, but had the red cross next to his name…usually indicating a longer term injury–maybe there is something more serious to his injury.   For a comparison, the Detroit Tigers have a full on competition for their fifth starter.  Their depth chart lists seven starters, the last three being in competition for the final spot.  Maybe there’s a competition brewing in Arizona, maybe a significant injury or maybe I’m acting like my wife–and over-analyzing everything!

Regardless what the site says, Trevor Bauer is another good start from becoming a big story this spring and a major contender for a rotation spot.  If he dominates again tomorrow in place of Collmenter, the starting rotation–especially the back end–might need to start worrying about losing their spots.  Bauer has look of a kid destined to be an ace, it’s just a matter of how long it’ll take to get there.  Thanks to my intuition–and maybe a little detective work–I’m going with sooner, rather than later.

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