Diamondbacks Should Look Toward Edgar Renteria as a Back-up Plan at Shortstop


It’s becoming painfully evident that the D-Backs will open the season without their starting shortstop.  Stephen Drew isn’t progressing as quickly as had hoped after the horrendous ankle he injury suffered last summer.  The Diamondbacks are playing it risky by entering the season with their current options for his replacement.

As it stands, the D-Backs will open the season with career utilitymen Willie Bloomquist and John McDonaldspliting time at shortstop.

Morphed into one super utilityman the Diamondbacks might be OK with those two players, but each on their own doesn’t offer much of a long term solution to the hole in the roster.  McDonald is the better defender while Bloomquist is the better offensive option, however neither has ever really proved to be an everyday player.  If Drew’s injury is going to drag into a 60 day or longer injury, the D-Backs would be wise to pursue other options because if 60 days turns into a season they might find themselves without ANY options and facing the fact that they might need to trade one of their top pitching prospects–Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs–to get viable help at shortstop.

The only recognizable name amongst free agent shortstops might be a decent fit for Arizona.  Edgar Renteria was a vital piece for the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and a name D-Back fans are familiar with.  Renteria struggled with the Detroit Tigers in the American League in 2008 but rebounded with the Giants before signing with the Cincinnati Reds last season.  After 5 All-Star appearances there’s no doubt that he’s near the end of the road in is career but he might be a perfect fit for the Diamondbacks as a one year rental–that’s if he doesn’t opt to retire.

Apparently both the Giants and Milwaukee Brewers reached out to Renteria who is reported still mulling his options but leaning toward leaving the game.  Since he hasn’t officially announced his retirement, he might just be waiting to see if a perfect one-year opportunity arises–which just might be the Diamondbacks.

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