Vague D-Backs Tweet Hints at Starter Call-Up but Trevor Bauer Probably Not a Candidate


You might be closer to getting your wish D-Back fans. Unfortunately, no one’s sure that the outcome will be exactly what you want–a Trevor Bauer start.

Thanks to the talented people at SBNation for pointing out that according to the Arizona Diamondback backs official Twitter account, manager Kirk Gibson is seriously considering moving Josh Collmenter to the bullpen for Monday’s start and calling up a replacement.

No doubt a very cryptic Tweet, but an ingenius one to drum up interest in a ball club that has been scuffling lately.  By not naming a possible replacement, there is hope to D-Backs fans that they’ll see top prospect Trevor Bauer.  However, there’s a couple of ways to look at this Tweet.  It doesn’t specifically say that the starter would start in place of Collmenter Monday, but it definitely should be implied since Monday is Collmenter’s turn in the rotation.

If the Tweet is inferring to a possible replacement to pitch Monday, don’t get too excited D-Backs fans. It won’t be Bauer. Bauer pitched Thursday Night for the Mobile Bay Bears–allowing 3 runs in 6 innings, while striking out 9. Pitching Monday for the D-Backs would give him only 3 days full rest. This isn’t the playoffs and Bauer isn’t an established MLB Ace, so unless Gibby and Co. have lost their minds, Bauer is staying in the minors for at least the time being in that scenario.

It also appears that if a move is made for a start monday, my theory on Barry Enright getting called up is bunk for now at least.  Enright also pitched Thursday night for the Reno Aces.  The likely move is that Patrick Corbin–who last pitched Tuesday–would get the nod for a Monday spot start. 

Now since the Tweet doesn’t say that the starter will pitch Monday, the D-Backs are also in a position where they could skip a starter due to their off-day Thursday.  Trevor Cahill could move up to Monday, making Collmenter available out of the rotation.  The call-up starter would need to pitch Tuesday.  Enright would be a more likely possibility as his pitch counts aren’t monitored closely and he threw only 81 pitches Thursday.  Bauer threw 95 pitches Thursday.

Again, ultimately the tweet could just be a tease to fans or a ploy to get Collmenter’s you-know-what in gear, but it’s at a minimum got fans talking about the D-Backs in greater magnitude.

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