D-backs Out Of It, But Who Should Their Fans Root For?


Now that the National League playoff spots are all but sewn up, and the D-backs obviously being out of it, it’s time for D-backs fans everywhere to decide which playoff bandwagon to jump on to have a rooting interest in the MLB playoffs.

Who knew I’d be rooting for Edwin Jackson again after his disappointing performance for the D-backs in his stint in Arizona? Image: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

I am betting that the Arizona Cardinals’ 4-0 start has distracted many Arizona fans from the disappointment of the D-backs’ season; but still, having a team, or individual players, to root for in the playoffs makes watching the playoffs sans the D-backs a tad more fun.

For me, I mostly root for NL teams once the D-backs are eliminated. I’m betting I’m not alone in that. So, who should D-backs fans root for out of the Giants, Reds, Cardinals, Nationals and Braves?

Obviously, the Giants are out. I mean, at least it’s not the Dodgers, but I can never bring myself to rooting for the Giants. I’d say the Cardinals are out. They won the series last year and I can’t imagine the hyperbole if they win again without Albert Pujols. So they’re out.

That leaves the Braves, Nationals and Reds. I could see rooting for the Braves. It is Chipper Jones’ swan song and it would be fun to see him make a run in his last year. But for me, I’ve also seen how the guy tweets (@RealCJ10), and I don’t want any of that in the World Series. Seriously, it’s like he has taken every single baseball cliché and smashed it into a single Twitter handle. I thought that was John Kruk’s job.

So that leaves the Reds and Nationals. I was having a hard time deciding between these two teams until I remembered Mat Latos pitched for the Reds. I  HATE that guy! Nats all the way! Okay, maybe that is purely personal feelings but I don’t care; because, if you DON’T hate that guy, you should!

Besides, the Nationals are just a fun story. They are built for a few years from now probably but their pitching is just way too good and it accelerated their time table. Yes, Stephen Strasburg is not pitching in the playoffs (how asinine is that?), but they still have Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez and surprisingly effective Edwin Jackson.

It would just be fun to watch them make a run to the series. Especially if the Orioles provide the second-biggest shock of the season (besides them actually making the playoffs), and meet the Nationals in the World Series. Can you imagine the hysteria in that part of the country? That would just be too much fun to NOT root for it. So, hop on the Nationals bandwagon and get some of the NATitude. On second thought, don’t use the word NATitude. Please. Seriously, stop saying it!

Other guys to root for: Ryan Roberts with the Rays and Jarrod Parker and Ryan Clark of the A’s. Obviously, all three guys were Diamondbacks at one point and I would like to see all of them succeed in the postseason.