Lots of Reasons to Like Arizona D’Back Manager Kirk Gibson


 Managers have been in the news during this postseason.  The Cleveland Indians named Terry Francona as their new field boss and the Cincinnati Reds gave Dusty Baker a two-year extension.  There will be other hirings and possible firings after the World Series ends. One move that has yet to be announced is the Arizona Diamondbacks picking up the option on their manager, Kirk Gibson.  I would have to imagine that it is a mere formality and that there is no real danger of Gibby not being back with the club in 2013.

Kirk Gibson expects accountability particularly from himself. Image: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

We know the record.  From worst in 2010 to first in 2011 to middle of the pack in 2012.  Gibson is the right man to lead the D’Backs back to postseason play.   Tough and hard-nosed as a player, Gibby has brought those traits to the manager’s spot.  If you are a fan and want to win, why wouldn’t you want him leading your team?  He demands accountability, from both his players and himself.  As our Noah Dougherty pointed out yesterday, Gibson takes the blame for the team’s shoddy base running in 2012.  And don’t you want a guy who has this attitude when players do not meet expectations?  From mlb.com’s Steve Gilbert:

“It’s nobody’s fault but our own,” manager Kirk Gibson said of the team’s predicament toward the end of the season. “I sure as heck hope that they would be motivated, and if they’re not, we’d better get rid of them.”

No babying of millionaire athletes and not worrying about hurting someone’s feelings.  This is how managers should act.  You can stick up for your player if the situation warrants but you are not to coddle them, either.  Gibson seems to understand this.  Maybe some of his X’s and O’s are debatable.  However, he is entering only third full season as manager.  I trust he will learn from his errors and be a better tactician for it.  If you are a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, your team is in good hands with Kirk Gibson.

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