Changes coming to the NL west


The election is over, so let’s talk about what is really important: baseball.

Kevin Towers is once again entertaining offers regarding

Justin Upton

Is it still cool to use the term “hoop-la”in 2012, because the NL West saw a lot of it this week. The Western division will look a little different when April rolls around. No new teams or uniforms yet, but some personnel within the division will change.

For starters, the Rockies will have a new manager inking their line-up each night in Walt Weiss. This hire doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It seems more like a “hey, let’s give it a try” type of hiring because issues in Colorado are deeper than just a manager switch.

Yasmani Grandal is going to have a great year and I’m excited to see him- oops, spoke too soon. San  Diego faithful won’t be seeing a lot of the young catcher as he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in his system on Tuesday and will serve a 50 game suspension. I’m sure the Rockies loved hearing this because Grandal’s first two major league hits were both HR’s hit at yep, you guessed it, Coors Field. This is just what baseball needs: more young players getting suspended for drug related situations. Sorry if the sarcasm from that comment is causing a glare on your computer.

As for the Giants? Yeah, they had an OK year. Which reminds me, they should look a little different with a new “World Series Champions” patch on their jerseys. In what seems a little confusing, it has been said that WS MVP,  Marco Scutaro is on the trading block. Whether Scutaro is serious trade bait or not, the guy had a career year and has got to be worth something now, right? But in all seriousness, the Giants had a great year, all the more reason for Arizona to surprise people and beat SF all 18 games this season.

News coming out of Arizona surrounding Justin Upton seemed to not phase many people (me included). Same rumors, different year as far as the D’backs are concerned. Awesome insight to the Upton rumors along with the talks about Trevor Bauer can be found on the Venom Strike homepage. Pretty convenient, huh? All these talks about trades and the upcoming season have me excited, then I remember it is only November…

Hang with me, baseball fans! I can practically smell the grass at Salt River Fields as we speak.

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