Potential impact of the WBC in Arizona


It was confirmed earlier this year that Arizona will be a host site for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Starting in March, preliminary  games will be held at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, with later-round games moving to Chase Field. The spectacle that is the World Baseball Classic is something that can have a large impact on not only the cities involved, but the fan base in Arizona as well.

Salt River Fields is set to host preliminary games of the 2013 WBS. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, the World Baseball Classic is an experience for the ages. There is a type of emotion and atmosphere that can’t be matched by a normal regular season game. The best players from all over the world are displaying their talents and fans have flocked to this event over the years. I encourage all fellow baseball fans to experience the WBC and all that it has to offer. The fact that the great state of Arizona will be hosting this event is very exciting for me. Remember what the city was like during the All-Star Game? Take that and multiply it by about 100. Salt River Fields and Chase Field should feel honored to host such an awesome event which will undoubtedly benefit both venues.

Although attendance at the WBC has not been scarce over the years, I see this as a test for the fans in Arizona to “show up.” We, as Dbacks fans have become accustom to not seeing Chase Field at capacity any given day. This is a problem. The WBC may be an answer to this problem. In what is a large Latin community in Phoenix, Tempe, etc, I believe an event focusing on international baseball will draw fans from those said communities. I’m not saying that everybody in Arizona is not a baseball fan, but with an event like the Classic, it is a real opportunity to convert some residents.

Whether you support a certain country or not, the WBC is a site to be seen.

If someone is contemplating attending this these games, just wait until you step inside Salt River Fields. I think it is the most beautiful spring training facility in all of the Cactus League (Camelback Ranch is a close second). The stadium is probably licking their chops right now at all the fan fare that will surround the stadium and bring people coming back year after year. As far as Chase Field is concerned, the stadium has transformed into a very fan-friendly park and oh yeah, it’s air conditioned! Without sounding too much like a travel agent, this event will bring many fans to the beautiful area of Downtown Phoenix and its surrounding cities. Something that is very enticing to the city is the revenue that will be coming its way. From tickets,merchandise and hotels, the state of Arizona is set to make out pretty good in the revenue department.

The World Baseball Classic can and will be a great event for all baseball fans, young and old. It’s an opportunity to cheer on your country while watching the greatest sport there is.

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