New Broadcast Booth Brings Diamondbacks Fans Unique Perspective and Fresh Start

By Bradley Truran

Diamondbacks fans get to enjoy the voices of Steve Bertiaume and Bob Brenly breakdown and analyze their team in 2013. (US Presswire)

The Arizona Diamondbacks look for new beginings in their broadcast booth in 2013 as they bring in former ESPN and Baseball Tonight anchor Steve Berthiaume and a familar voice from the team’s short history, in former Arizona Diamondbacks manager, Bob Brenly. This duo is going to bring an interesting dynamic of expansive baseball knowledge and experience as well as familiar and comfortable voices to share perspective on the D’Backs in their 16th season in existence.

Steve Berthiaume has spent the past six years as the anchor of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. Watching pieces of all games each night over that six- year span gives Berthiaume a perspective that very few television analysts can offer. Most baseball fans know his voice and are familiar with his career work to this point. He will be able to offer a significant vantage point to every D’backs fan tuning into the broadcast each night. His learning curve on getting to know the team should be fairly short and he’ll be able to share with viewers detail on all Major League teams and players. This will give D’backs fans a truly unique play-by-play experience every night of the 2013 season.

All Arizona fans know Bob Brenly, how could anyone forget him? He was one of the original voices in the booth for the organization and eventually worked his way into the dugout to lead the team to their first and only World Series win in 2001. Brenly has always been able to give great perspective in his color commentary roles with his experience as both a player and a manager. I speak for most D’Backs fans when say that a familiar voice like Brenly’s is going to receive a warm welcome back from D’Backs fans.

The voices and personalities that deliver perspective on America’s pastime are important for each and every team in Major League Baseball. These voices are with us each night as our team treks through a 162 game season. A season that spans from late March and into the first days of October. They analyze, breakdown, explain and share so much with us to give us the best possible experience each game, each broadcast. Their value is tough to measure, but ask fans in Los Angeles, or Detroit, or St. Louis what the value of voices like Vin Scully, or Ernie Harwell, or Jack Buck were to their team’s histories.

To this point in their young history, Arizona has had a few names come and go. It’s exciting to have a new start with hopes that these might be the faces and voices that we get to watch our favorite team with for years to come.