World Baseball Classic & Major League Baseball Team Up for Unbelievable Opportunity


Major League Baseball announced earlier this month that 16 lucky fans will be handpicked to live and breathe baseball for 18 consecutive days during March inside their MLB Fan Cave. This contest is specific to international baseball as the third ever World Baseball Classic commences on March 2nd 2013. Most people, I believe, are familiar with the MLB Fan Cave located in Greenwich Village, New York. It is a 15,000 square foot baseball viewing mecca that sees major league players, celebrities and musicians, and allows the fans inside to see every single minute of baseball action during a season. The 2012 season saw more than 22,000 applicants dwindled down to just three finalists being awarded tickets to each World Series game to cap off an unforgettable season in the Fan Cave.

The World Baseball Classic Fan Cave Edition will be composed of 16 fans that will represent their respective country participating in the WBC. They will be able to watch their teams games live no matter where the games are being played- some locations include Japan, Taiwan, Puerto Rico and Phoenix, AZ. There will be a total of 39 games played in four different nations and territories. Each fan will be the social media expert for their country from the Fan Cave. As the teams are eliminated from international play, so will their fan be from the Fan Cave.

"“The goal of the World Baseball Classic is to grow the popularity of baseball around the world. Bringing fans in the participating countries with the opportunity to win a trip to New York City to be a part of the Fan Cave gives us a fun and appealing new way to reach both avid and casual fans around the world. We are looking forward to the fan response.” –MLB Executive V.P. of Business Time Brosnan."

The final four teams in the tournament will be traveling to San Francisco, CA for the WBC Finals where Major League Baseball will fly out the final four fans representing those countries to watch the semi’s and finals at AT&T Park. It is an opportunity that is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime chance and those interested are just asked to fill out an application that will showcase a small writing sample as well as your unquenchable thirst for baseball to be chosen as one of the lucky residents in the Fan Cave.

Better hurry as the final entries are accepted until January 11, 2013. MLB Fan Cave Application

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