Exciting Interleague Play Planned For 2013


Let’s face it, 2012 seemed a little uneventful for Arizona as far as interleague play was concerned. No disrespect, but I don’t think D’backs fans enjoy watching their team battle the Mariners and Royals. Things look to be a little different in 2013 from a fan’s perspective on interleague play.

The Snakes will get their first bite of the American League at the new Yankee Stadium against New York on April 16-18. This will be the D’backs first trip to the Bronx since the renovation of Yankee Stadium. For obvious reasons, fans should enjoy watching these games because whether you like them or not, the Yankees are a legendary franchise in Major League Baseballd.

Things get a bit strange for the D’backs near the end of May. Arizona will host a doubleheader at Chase Field against Texas on May 27th. It will be the second doubleheader in D’backs franchise history. On May 29, the Diamondbacks travel to Arlington to finish its’ series against the Josh Hamilton-less Rangers. This is the first time I have seen a split interleague series. Not to mention, it consists of a doubleheader. Weird!

Another year of NL vs. AL looks to be a fun one for Arizona

Arizona will play Tampa Bay on the road on July 30-31, then battle the Rays at Chase Field on August 6-7. a series against Tampa is not as enticing as it had been in years past, but nevertheless, it is a fun match up of the last two expansion teams added to Major League Baseball. Another matchup against a legendary franchise awaits as Arizona as they travels to “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” Fenway Paawk (said with Boston accent) to take on the Red Sox in early August. No matter what the standings show, baseball fans love when they get to watch their teams play like Boston and New York.

The Orioles fly to Phoenix on August 12-14 for a three-game set with Arizona which by the looks of how Baltimore has played recently, should be an awesome series to see. Lots of young talent will be on hand for both teams.

The MLB schedulers saved the best match-up for the D’backs for last. On September 2-4, the Diamondbacks will host the new-look Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays bring with them high expectations from north of the border for the 2013 season. Most have said that Toronto can (and probably should) win the AL East. The Jays were involved in a blockbuster deal earlier in the off season and this is the chance to see them up close and personal at Chase Field.

Overall, this should be a fun year of interleague play for Arizona. From a fan’s perspective, they get to see some great teams and from a baseball perspective, the games should be really competitive and entertaining.

33 days until spring training!