Grace candid about DUI charges


The DUI charges that hit Mark Grace this year really kicked off a strange off season for Arizona. The D’backs dismissed Grace from his broadcast duties after his second DUI offense in just over a year. Although this turmoil was surrounding Grace and the Diamondbacks organization, the team invited Mark back to fantasy camp in Scottsdale this year where Grace was very open and accepting to his current situation. From cussing on the air to these legal issues, Mark Grace has certainly not been a saint in his time with the Diamondbacks but he remains one of the most beloved faces of this franchise, and I think he always will.

Mark Grace was open about his August arrest for suspected DUI and driving with a suspended license

“I realize that nobody did this to me. I did it to myself, and I’m the one to blame,” Grace said in an interview with I love the fact that Mark came out to the public and really opened up during this stressful, and frankly embarrassing time for him and his family.This article is not intended to bash Mark Grace for making a stupid decision and drive while intoxicated…again, but really to show that the way he has handled this has been with class and humility. I have, and will always be a Mark Grace fan and I loved hearing him and Darron Sutton (who also won’t be returning to the booth) talk D’backs baseball.  This roller coaster of an off season is certainly not over but the fact that Grace was able to participate in D’backs fantasy camp for another year showed that baseball will heal anything, even if only for one week.

"“There’s still a long ways to go in this thing. But whatever happens, I’m going to accept and do what needs to be done.”"

I see Mark Grace returning to baseball in some capacity and if it’s in Arizona, all the better! Fans and colleagues have embraced Mark through this tough time, which shows how respected he is not only in the Phoenix area, but in the baseball world as well. For now, the FS Arizona press box belongs to Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly but a Mark Grace sighting is not out of the question.

Until then, Grace will be in court on March 19th on four felony counts of aggravated DUI.

Gracie’s full interview can be found here: