Upton-less D’backs Fan Fest Set for February 9th


The D’backs Fan Fest is something that symbolizes another year of baseball in Phoenix. However, I feel like this year is going to have a weird vibe. With all that has gone on this off-season, D’backs fans want, and deserve some answers to tough questions. Perhaps the fan fest is the time for that. The fest is a fun time for men, women and kids alike but it certainly will be weird to not see Justin Upton there, a player who generally draws a big crowd.

Q & A sessions with players and coaches is a great time at the fan fest, just don’t plan on seeing J-Up there

With that being said, the D’backs Fan Fest is an awesome event for all fans of the ‘Snakes. Although the event has geared itself more towards kids in the recent years, there is just something about getting to walk on a major league field that is so exciting, regardless of your age. I love that the D’backs are holding events like this because it creates a relationship with fans and is an awesome way to get to know your team. I wish that attendance wasn’t as low as it is because the organization is doing their part to get butts in the seats but it is just not showing. The event will take place on February 9th from 10AM-5Pm. What better way to spend a Saturday in Arizona then getting to meet D’backs players and coaches? The bouncy castles are a nice touch as well.

D’backs Fan Fest is free to the public, which reinforces the fact that the organization is really trying to connect with fans. Whenever I walk in downtown Phoenix, I always get the feel that there is a large D’backs fan presence but then I see how Chase Field was only 60% full…again. I’m afraid that shipping Justin Upton away will hurt as far as attendance goes in 2013. Let’s face it, people went to Chase Field to see J-Up ad now they can’t. I understand that trades will happen and it’s the inevitability of sports but this one seems to hurt a little bit because over the last several years, I couldn’t think of the Diamondbacks without immediately thinking of Justin Upton. With Upton gone, I feel that fans are a little weary to head to Chase Field but I’m telling you right now, this 2013 Diamondbacks squad is going to be a fun team to watch this year.

It all starts February 9th, another year of baseball is upon us and I wish, and hope that fans will flock to Chase Field to see it.

Pitchers and catchers report in 17 days.