Putz Is Now A Lean, Mean, Closing Machine


With J.J. Putz being locked into the desert for at least two more seasons, it is crucial for him to be effective once again as a closer this year. His recent weight loss should assist with this. J.J. is a husky guy-we all know that, but him being down a couple pounds this year can only help.

Expect J.J. to appear a lot in 2013. He will just be wearing a smaller jersey this year.

Due to a diet that eliminated gluten and dairy from his regiment, Putz has dropped 17 pounds this off season and came into camp around 230-235lbs, which he claims is the “best shape of his life.” Being someone who recently lost 70 pounds, I am a huge supporter of what J.J. is doing because even with a small amount of weight loss, simple tasks become easier and more manageable. Having dropped the weight, the star closer should feel less stress both physically and mentally on the mound this year.

J.J. Putz isn’t getting any younger, but the fact that he will be lighter and more agile will help cut down on injury possibilities in 2013. Less injuries equal more appearances, and more appearances equal more saves! Along with Putz, Trevor Cahill followed suit and lost 15 pounds himself. Trevor was involved in the same diet as Putz. I’m considering putting down the milk and bread, because it certainly worked wonders this off season for the two pitchers.

Arizona opens up the spring season on Saturday against Colorado. Can you believe it? We made it through another off season!

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