Injury Could Mean Trouble For Ross


First of all, I just want to say that as I’m writing this, there is actual baseball on TV in the background. Albeit it’s the Yankees against the Dominican Republic- baseball is back!


Cody Ross

is pondering where he will be on opening day against St. Louis. As of now, it looks like he may be on the bench.

Old news: The Diamondbacks acquired Cody Ross this off season. Recent news: Ross will miss the next two or three weeks with a left leg strain. I have been on the record of saying that I believe Ross was a lock for an opening day outfield spot. I retract that statement (kind of). As far as the D’backs are concerned, outfield depth is not an issue but this may be an issue for Ross in the coming weeks. Cody Ross has remained optimistic saying:

"“Luckily, we have time. As long as I can go on April 1st, that’s all I care about.”"

That’s all fine and dandy but let’s remember who we have battling for another outfield spot. Gerardo Parra is trying to make a push for an outfield spot and honestly, I don’t mind a healthy Parra playing everyday. Tony Campana is in the mix because if a defense blinks, Tony is already at third base. Don’t forget A.J. Pollock, either. Pollack, who is probably the least likely to win an outfield spot is on the rise in the organization. The injury for Ross is potentially crucial to him because as he sits for the next two weeks, the a for mentioned players can rack up some stats and change some minds around the coaching staff. Maybe I’m reading too much into this injury and making a big deal where it isn’t needed but I feel like an unhealthy Ross could be a red flag for this team in the spring as they begin the year. Ross should still be able to play catch and swing the bat. If this leg strain heals on time, Cody will have missed two weeks of live-action reps. Is this a problem as April approaches?

I’m hoping the injury is more trivial than I think but if I’m Parra or Campana etc, I will be working my butt of the next three weeks because an opening day start might depend on it.

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