Arizona Will Win The Division In 2013


How about that straight-forward title, huh? Although some of my colleagues at Venom Strikes may disagree with me, I think Arizona will win the National League West in 2013.

I host a sports radio show here in Alabama and the other day we were breaking down the NL West. Most of the people at the studio accused me of picking Arizona to win the division just because they are my favorite team and I’m loyal to them. While that is partially true, the unbiased baseball fan inside of me also has the Diamondbacks wearing the NL West crown in 2013.

This division is full of talent. There is no arguing that, but it comes down to what each team does with that talent that will determine their fate. Individually, the D’backs done scare anybody if you were to glance at their roster. However, the starting rotation in 2013 as a whole might be the most powerful in the division. The rotation certainly needs to work as a crew this year because any kink in the staff could prove costly. Personally, I’m expecting a big year from Trevor Cahill and of course, Wade Miley. With that being said, I see Ian Kennedy winning the Cy Young (more on all of our predictions later in the week). With a bullpen that has loaded up this off season, I don’t think teams will want to be losing to the Diamondbacks come the 7th or 8th inning. There are some great rotations in the NL West. I get that. If Arizona can get help from all five pitchers, things should be alright. We still aren’t entirely sure who the fifth starter will be.

Chase Field needs another one of these for the 2013 season.

Staying on the subject of playing as a team, the Diamondbacks need help from the entire lineup at the plate. This should be a very simple task, I think. Like the rotation, nobody in the lineup necessarily jumps off the page and frightens a pitcher, but as a whole, this lineup can be lethal. A potential lineup for 2013 has been posted previously on Venom Strikes this off season. This may be the die-hard D’backs fan inside of me but I believe that Arizona has the potential to have the most explosive offense in the division. The lineup and the ballpark certainly allow for it.

In what is the final point I will touch upon, the Diamondbacks coaching staff will be the deciding factor this year when Arizona wins the division. Kirk Gibson and his staff have settled in and now is the time to show it. I think over the years, a clear path for this team was not established by the coaches. The dugout features veteran guys that not only know this game, but they know how to help others learn the game. This will lead to Arizona having a very smart team this year. Mental mistakes going to happen but as far as baseball-sense is concerned, Arizona may have the edge.

These points only scratch the surface of potential reasons as to why the ‘Snakes could win the division and I know my colleagues will delve into the division even deeper as the week progresses. I really hate the term “buying a championship,” and I don’t want to use it with the Dodgers this year. All financial reasons aside, LA has a good team-plain and simple. They will give Arizona the most hassle this season.  I’m excited for this year. More so than other years, I think.

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