D’backs Win, Yay. Trevor Cahill, Nay.


If this month is any indication of the rest of the season, then Arizona Diamondbacks fans are going to run out of TUMS by mid-May. I’m already on my second bottle! Lately, the D’backs have found a way to make every game excruciatingly dramatic and last night against Colorado was no different. The good news is that Arizona got the win and improved to 13-9. The bad news is that Trevor Cahill was fairly lackluster….again.

I would like to see a little bit more handshaking for Cahill, as opposed to watching his struggle every start. Image: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, Cahill got the win but let’s be honest, Josh Collmenter probably should have received the accolades. Throughout the game, it seemed like Cahill has really struggling. The idea of looking uncomfortable on the mound is something that we have talked about all too often this year when referring to starting pitching. I promise this isn’t the “Bash Trevor Cahill Hour,” but he was virtually inept when it came to commanding his pitches. Whether his sinker isn’t sinking, or his mind isn’t in the right place, something has got to change. Through 30 innings this season, Cahill has given up 25 hits and walked 12 (four of those walks came last night). Cahill provided the media with this (kind of) positive take-a-way from last night.

"“When things aren’t going your way, you realize how hard it is hard to win a Major League game,”. So I’ll take it any way I can get it.”"

Trevor seemed to really labor in his five innings and he threw 105 pitches. The weird thing about last night was that even though T.C. was somewhat ineffective, he left the D’backs in a good spot to win the game. I guess that’s all you can ask for sometimes from your starters. That can’t happen every start, though. With the win, Cahill now is 1-3 with a 3.00 ERA.

Bob Brenly brought it up last night in saying that since the laugher against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a lot of games have been nail-biters. While this can be fun for a little, at some point I just want some relaxation in knowing that we have a lead and the bullpen won’t blow it because apparently blowing saves is really popular in the desert right now. With the offense struggling the way it is right now (except Goldy), it is important that the pitching is effective because run support isn’t exactly flourishing.

Game two of the series is tonight from Chase Field. Brandon McCarthy will go for Arizona so let’s hope he pitches nothing like he has as of late….

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