Now Is A Good Time To Be Playing The Dodgers


I want to start by saying that I didn’t see any of the series against the San Diego Padres because I was driving across the country and apparently it’s frowned upon to watch MLB.TV while operating a vehicle.  That’s understandable. Those were the first innings of D’backs baseball that I have missed all season, so I’ll take full responsibility for those two losses in San Diego. My bad, guys.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (13-18) have now lost its’ last five games. The most recent loss came last night from a beat-down at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona has won 13 of its’ last 16 in Dodger Stadium. I guess it’s okay for L.A. because there were only about 70 people at the game last night to witness the loss. Over the last two weeks at Dodger Stadium, there has been an abundance of hits and home runs. This benefits the offensive-minded Snakes. It has been a rough stretch for Arizona as of late against division teams and it was imperative that they got off to a good start in Los Angeles. That was a fun game to watch last night. Also, if anyone knows if the home run that Cody Ross hit has landed yet, let me know.

As for the Dodgers, yikes. L.A. has been bit by the injury bug almost as bad as Arizona was this year. To make matters worse, the players that aren’t hurt are being fairly unproductive at this point. Matt Kemp has been almost non-existent this season. I’m pretty sure I could produce more offensive numbers than Kemp and I haven’t picked up a bat since my sophomore year of high school (not counting beer league softball). Carl Crawford had a pretty rough night but in his defense, he dropped that ball on the transfer. So I guess Arizona should have actually only won the game 8-2 since his error caused Didi Gregorius to be on base. Just think of any player for the Dodgers and chances are, they aren’t playing right now. The rotation hasn’t been anything special either. Zack Greinke is still out from when he tried to play linebacker in San Diego and Chad Billingsley is out for the year with Tommy John surgery.

On the bright side, at least Tommy Lasorda was really enjoying the game… Image: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s weird to think, but Josh Beckett and his neck beard have been the only bright spot in the rotation and he still has yet to win a game. Beckett had his best start of the season against Arizona, but it was foiled by Goldy. Beckett will get the nod for the Dodgers tonight against Brandon McCarthy.

The Diamondbacks are the only team to have yet to be shut out this year. Neat! It will be another late night for me with an 8:10 first pitch this evening.

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