These Suspensions Don’t Make Any Sense!


The suspensions were finally handed out today for the melee that occurred at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. Over the last two days, I have been giving out “mock suspensions” in my head on what I thought might be the outcome. I was way off!

Belisario throws 3 punches and has to sit for one game.Yeah, that makes sense! Imaget: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Kennedy has been suspended 10 games, which makes sense because usually the league will knock you for two starts. I’m actually okay with the IPK suspension and frankly, I thought it would be more based on Ian’s history with the rivalry and his clear intent to hit Greinke. What blows me away is that Eric Hinske has been suspended five games. I know Eric isn’t really a crucial player on the team, but still…Hinske got a cheap shot from Yasiel Puig and that’s hit. The league has said that Hinske threw the first punch and to that, Eric said:

"“Watch the video.”"

The suspension on Hinske is absolutely absurd. He will appeal (and probably win). Okay, so if Hinske’s “punch” landed him a 5-game sentence, why is Ronald Belisario only sitting out one game? For starters, Belisario was clearly looking to fight because the dude was warming up his arm while running onto the field. Seriously? Not to mention, he went “thug-style” on Turner Ward. J.P. Howell (Belisarios’ bash brother) also got a 2-game suspension. I think those two penalties should be switched around, and then three more games added to Belisario for being a jerk. Nothing made me happier than to see Belisario blow that game the other day. It was so awesome. Not such a tough guy now, are you?

Gerardo Parra and Miguel Montero have been fined and “undisclosed” amount, as well. Okay, I get that Miggy owes a couple bucks, but why Parra? Parra was the first to leave the dugout, but that is too dumb to be the reason for his fine. I’ll gladly pay Parra’s fine, because this is stupid. Mark McGwires‘ roid-rage got him a 2-game suspension, while Mattingly and Gibby will both sit for one. Okay, that’s fine–except Mattingly threw Alan Trammell to the ground. That should be three games right there! I’m not sure what the process is when handing out suspensions, but I feel like the league really screwed up with this whole situation. They should have asked me for my opinion.

Diamondbacks and Padres start a series tonight because San Diego is the only team we play lately…

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