Why We Love Paul Goldschmidt


Paul Goldschmidt provided the heroics (as usual) last night with a gigantic walk off homer in the 9th. The ball would probably still be traveling, if not for it being stopped by the batters eye. Sure, we love Goldy’s home runs and great defense, but what else is there to appreciate?

Rounding the bases is nothing new for Goldy. Image: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball over the years has become a spotlight game with big contracts, and big egos to go along with it. That’s not the case with Goldy. As far as attitudes go, Paul Goldschmidt is probably one of the most modest guys in the league. Even as he was rounding the bases last night, he was trying to hold back a smile as if it would somehow seem like he was showing up Chad Qualls. Goldy wears no unnecessary wristbands or shiny jewelry. He shows up at the ballpark and does his job. It’s easy to confuse his attitude with not caring, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Paul is an ultimate “team guy,” and would prefer the spotlight to be on someone else.

It’s refreshing to see a player in baseball not worry about statistics or money in their bank account. While I understand that Goldy still has some maturing to do in this league, I think he is on the cusp of becoming a huge star. If you were to ask him about being a huge star, he would probably say “no comment.” I remember hearing a story this off season about how Goldy splurged with his money and bought a new truck. While other players are buying gigantic houses and drinks for the entire club, Goldy is just trying to have a reliable truck to get to the ballpark. I’m very different from Paul. I like buying things and spending money–it’s just the way I am. If the spotlight is trying to find somebody, I usually start inching towards it. If I was even remotely good enough at baseball to play professionally, I’d probably end up on 30 for 30 on ESPN because I blew all my money on exotic animals and a gold jet ski. As far as Goldy is concerned, he just needs to keep doing what he’s doing. He should be a role model to young athletes for a lot of reasons.

Goldy is the definition of if you work hard, you will be recognized–whether you want to be or not. Also, that “Goldy” sign in right field was pretty cool last night, even though the chin was a little askew…

Series finale is this afternoon from Chase Field. Play hooky from work and go see a ballgame!

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