Everyone’s Least Favorite Diamondback: Trevor Cahill


I have been on the record of saying that I’ve never been a big Trevor Cahill fan. Not now, not ever. I’m still weary of the trade and that happened ages ago (kind of). After serving up batting practice to the Washington Nationals last night, Cahill dropped to a very unimpressive 3-9, with a 4.29 ER.

Trevor Cahilll is whining about something in this picture, I’m sure. Image: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I remember when Trevor Cahill first emerged in the league, he was referred to as a “baby-faced righty.” While that may be true, he is now just a “whiney-baby righty.”See what I did there?! It seems that during every outing, Trevor is usually bringing a bad attitude to the mound–and it costs him. I don’t know what his demeanor is like in the clubhouse, but as fans, all we have to go on is public attitude. I don’t now if anyone else has noticed this but he is usually griping with an umpire, or throwing a fit when he gets pulled from the game. I feel like Cahill still has potential as a pitcher, but it’s being buried under center-cut change ups. We never really know which Trevor Cahill we are going to get every night. Usually, we get a horrible one. In June alone, the righty is 0-4 with an ERA flirting with 10.00….Yikes.

I’m not a pitching coach, but consistency has certainly been a concern for Cahill. Consistency, or lack thereof,  is an issue that has been plaguing the D’backs pitching staff since about 2004. When asked about Cahill’s ineffectiveness, Gibby said:

"“He’s been inconsistent recently, so we’ll have to look at the video and see if we can get it fixed.”"

Duh! I could have told you that. While I understand that the rotation hasn’t been lights-out lately, Cahill is a broken leg of the rotation that is causing it to wobble and you can never figure out how to fix it. Sure, you can shove coasters under it, but how long is that going to last? That was a table analogy for those who didn’t understand….The stretch of games for the Diamondbacks against murderers row continues against Atlanta after we leave Washington. Geez…Cahill will have one more June start against the Braves next week. I’m sure that is going to go really well! Cahill will stay in the rotation, but in case you’re wondering, there is a 1:30 flight to Reno today. Hernandez and Bell will be on it. Obviously, I’m just speaking ironically as a frustrated fan, and I know that nobody is going to AAA, but still….

Game two against Washington is tonight. Also, Nationals Park looks really cool. I feel like that should be the next park I visit I my life.

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