Final Boarding Call To Reno


I’m up past my bedtime to write this, but I’m too angry to sleep. In case you weren’t watching, the Arizona Diamondbacks found a way to lose another game to a horrible baseball team. Finally Wade Miley was presentable as a pitcher, but the pen coughed up another one. Mets 5, D’backs 4 in 13 innings…..

Now for my real concerns. I know that I have joked about it in the past, but seriously, send David Hernandez to Reno. What good does it serve to keep him with the team right now? I feel like the team is saying that the only way for Hernandez to re-group is to have him pitch in more big league, high-stress situations. WRONG! David had a solid year in, ehh, let’s say 2010 and some of 2011. However, we are relying on him like it’s still 2011 and I’m getting frustrated. I understand that Hernandez didn’t cost us the entire game tonight, but for being effective as a relief pitcher, he is far from it. The key word is “relief” pitcher, not “make smoke come from Christians’ ears” pitcher. Also, I get the sense from Hernandez that he is un-phased by his ineptness right now. He will talk to the media and joke, but when he is asked to get an out, well……On second thought, how about we send Hernandez to Visalia and make him start all over.

I can’t help but think that Hernandez was responsible for this…Image: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure a lot of people will be against this but David Hernandez should be in Reno and could work on some things in AAA. The main thing would be learning how to pitch, probably. We put such a negative tone on the term “AAA,” but it’s there for a reason. At this point, Hernandez hasn’t earned a spot on a big league roster–nobody in the bullpen has, actually. I take that back, Zeigler has been good. A lot of guys for the Aces right now would love the chance to relieve a game for Arizona, but the pen is currently clogged by ineffectiveness and we aren’t doing anything about it. Seriously, let me be GM for one day, I’ll just swap bullpens. All Aces become Diamondbacks and vice versa. Sound like a plan? The Chaz Roe move doesn’t solve anything, really. The move was a corresponding one to Cahill. Trevor Cahill was placed on the DL with a “being a really bad pitcher” related injury and will be out. All I’m saying is this: make a change and make some adjustments with the bullpen. It starts by picking out the bad apples and letting them ripen up. I may be upset, but not enough to miss out on a good fruit pun in this article. Right now, David Hernandez needs to make a physical and mental adjustment to his game.

There was a time when I was happy when Hernandez came in the game. That time is not now….I was joking with fellow VenomStrikes writer, Tom Lynch on the Twitter tonight and I told him “when in doubt, blame David Hernandez this year.” I said this after Gerardo Parra ate dirt for dinner in center field. Parra is fine, so I can joke about this. Final point: send Hernandez and his faux-hawk to Reno. Just try it out. Goodnight.

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