We Can’t Get Rid Of Those Pesky Padres


What is better than a title with a good alliteration? Nothing! For some reason that can’t be explained by anyone, the Arizona Diamondbacks seem to really struggle against the San Diego Padres (46-57). Arizona is 3-6 against SD this season. Along with that, the D-Backs dropped 11 of 18 last year against their foes from southern California. What gives? I am not sure if this team overlooks the Padres, or they just have our number. Either way, Arizona needs to sweep the series.

Doh!! Image: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There is bright spot to this weekend, however. Now is a good time to be playing the Padres because they are playing typical “San Diego Padres” baseball. The Pads’ have dropped off the face of the earth and now reside where they belong–in dead last place. San Diego is 5-5 in their last 10 games but they are currently on a 1-game winning streak – yay for them! Arizona did not even show up against San Diego in their last visit to Petco Park, so the Diamondbacks should feel a sense of urgency to save some face. One factor is sticking out to me as we enter this series, and that is the fact that San Diego is 19-34 on the road this year. So, statistics tell us that San Diego will struggle this weekend. But, then again, statistics do not really mean a lot when we play the Padres.

The Padres are made up of a bunch of players that nobody has ever heard of–and that is what concerns me. If there is a player for San Diego that you recognize, chances are that he is injured right now. These young players really have nothing to lose, so they just leave it all on the field. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it does not. It seems to always work against Arizona though. Personally, I’m not really sure why Bud Black still has a job, but maybe Josh Byrnes and the rest of the front office knows something that we do not. The only two things I like about the Padres are those camouflage jerseys and the fact that there is a sandbox in right-center field. The Padres are now eight games back in the division and do not show any signs of righting the ship anytime soon. Therefore, it looks like they will have another year of being the San Diego Spoilers as other teams try to make playoff pushes.

After a disappointing series split against the Baby Bears, Arizona should feel a fire to start winning games against teams horrible baseball teams. I guess it’s easier said than done, though. I’m planning to watch the games this weekend through the San Diego feed because Dick Enberg is awesome and can do and say whatever he wants. Exhibit A: http://deadspin.com/mark-grace-likes-to-crush-dodger-dogs-dick-enberg-is-a-511424656?autoplay=1

Game one of the series is tonight from Arizona. Enjoy it!

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