Keep the Faith, D-Back Fans


Can Matt Davidson be this season’s Manny Machado?. Image: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Vacations are a time of rest and reflection. So while I did not catch a minute of Arizona Diamondbacks baseball from Saturday through Thursday, I did spend a little bit of time thinking about their season and what I think will happen the rest of the way. Sure, I got annoyed thinking about all of the blown saves and feeble hitting with men on base but I also thought about the promise that could happen over the final seven weeks of the 2013 season. In beautfful Lake George, NY I decided that focusing on the past has nothing to do with what lies ahead. I vowed to make a pledge to myself to stress the positive with the hope that all D-Back fans can follow suit and maybe, just maybe there is a rabbit the team can pull out of a hat and find themselves as the second Wild Card team.

Keep the faith, D-Back Nation.

Oh sure, that vow was tested right away during the weekend series against the New York Mets. Those three days had it all rolled together:  Injuries, bad bullpen performances and zero clutch hitting (save for Paul Goldschmidt‘s game ending home run Friday night). Plus, I did not find out Eric Chavez landed on the disabled list again until Sunday evening. Despite another gut-wrenching series, another DL stint for Cody Ross and the never-ending sometimes broken roller coaster, this team still is only 5 1/2 games out of a playoff spot. Can they catch the Cincinnati Reds?  I do not know the answer to that. But won’t it be awfully fun to see them try? After all, the two teams meet next week in Cincinnati in a huge four game series. Following the series with the Reds, the only team they play the rest of the season that has a winning record is the Los Angeles Dodgers. With a schedule like that, how can you not feel as though the D-Backs have a real shot at October baseball? Then there are some potenially intrguing player possibilities. Can Matt Davidson be this year’s Manny Machado and have a torrid stretch to help his team make the playoffs? Will Tyler Skaggs stick with Arizona for good? Will Patrick Corbin‘s ERA be lower than 2.50?  Playoffs or not, these are the type of questions and anticipation that makes being a fan so much fun. You even have to give some credit to Kirk Gibson who has wisely kept Brad Ziegler in the closer’s role and though his moves are questionable, has managed to keep this team from falling apart completely.

I understand you may not believe or care for a word I have written. You have every right to be negative about this year’s Arizona Diamondbacks.  Venting makes us feel better. However, let us remember there is nothing we can do about the past. Leave those negative feelings behind and for the next 45 games, even if you do not think the playoffs are in reach, root on the D-Backs. This season has already gone by too quickly and we don’t have much time left.  Anything could happen.

Stay positive, my friends.

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