I’m A Sucker For Late Game Heroics


I think it is safe to say that this series in Cincinnati might be one of the most important set of games this year. Based on it being mid-August, and the way the standings currently look, this is big. First, a quick side note: I drove through Cincy this summer and drove past the Great American Ballpark and I have to say, that is one cool stadium! I don’t like the Reds, but I like the digs.

Patrck Corbin was once again, very Patrick Corbin-y Image: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I felt particularly glued to the game last night for some reason. I mean, I watch every Diamondbacks game, but this one was different. The whole game felt somewhat ho-hum, so I knew something big was coming. The game last night featured so many things that baseball fans love. There were home runs, diving catches, great pitching, and drama. When Goldy ran the count to 3-2, I said to myself, “wouldn’t it be crazy if he hit a grand slam here?” (I promise I said it). Since it was in Cincinnati, any ball hit in the air is a home run, so my thoughts came true. I know I said it last week but I still think the tide is shifting with this team. I also found it very fitting that Gerardo Parra ended the game with a web gem because, of course he did. For some reason that we as the general public can’t identify, things seems to be looking up. There are 38 games left in the season for Arizona. There is time, but not a lot of it.

The D-Backs have work to do, but games like last night are season changers – potentially. The series against the Baltimore Orioles and the game last night just solidify why we are baseball fans. We sit on the couch with our teams all game for that one moment that may never come. Last night it did, in grand fashion. See what I did there? I said “grand” because Goldy hit a grand sl–ehh, never mind. August is when true fans show up. Whether it’s at the ballpark or just in your home, you’re there. You’re there with a jersey, cap, and maybe a beer (some teams make us drink more than others). As baseball fans, we love August and September. As a student, I hate August and September, which reminds me, I should probably head to class now…

Game three from Cincinnati is tonight. Hopefully the team will still be buzzing. I know I am.

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