The 2013 D-Backs: What They Mean to Me


I prefer to think of Jason Kubel as the guy who drilled a pinch-hit single off Aroldis Chapman. Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports Images

Let’s face it, none of us liked the end result. No one who follows, writes about, plays for or works for the Arizona Diamondbacks was happy with an 81-81 record in 2013.  However, it shouldn’t diminish the fact that on some levels it was a very satisfying season and I am not just talking about the years of Paul Goldschmidt and Patrick Corbin. I would rather take away some of the more positive images we saw this season and what they meant to me both as a fan and a person.

For example, my image of Jason Kubel is not that of a player who was riddled with injury and ineffectiveness. Rather, my lasting image of him is coming off the bench and drilling a single of Aroldis Chapman in one of his final acts as a D-Back. I don’t want to see Brandon McCarthy as a guy lost a lot more games than he won. I prefer to remember him as the guy who threw 18 consecutive scoreless innings in the middle of May. Heath Bell was the guy who was tattoed on some occasions but I also remember him as the guy who filled in very well as the closer in the middle of the season and lowered his ERA by one run from the previous year. Despite not agreeing with what Willie Bloomquist said in the aftermath of the Dodgers‘ pool party, there may not be another player I would want my kids to emulate more than him both as a player and as a person. He gives 100% all of the time, busting it down to first base or busting his tail for another charity event.  Finally, speaking of kids, nothing was better in 2013 than watching the previous night’s D-Backs game with my 8 year old son. It was for very special for me to have the two of us start our day with breakfast and baseball. I liked when he asked me questions regarding certain situations about the game or any general baseball question and would react to things on the field, good and bad, the same way I would. Although I will say, he gets more upset than I do when any discusstion about the Dodgers takes place.

Well, that is a sentimental wrap for me on the 2013 Arizona Diamondbacks. I can write this same type of post at this time next year. Not everyone will be back and there will be new faces. Anything that has a positve impact on me and my family, I am extremely thankful. Thanks, D-Backs. Have a good offseason.

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