Crazy Predictions – Who is Staying and Who is Going?


Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In the early days of baseball, successful major league players were once expected to stay with a team for several years. Those days are long gone, as even baseball contracts provide little guarantee of roster stability. Teams almost always experience a lot of roster turnover year-to-year, and lately the Diamondbacks have transformed about as much as any team. On the Diamondbacks’ 40-person roster, only two players have played for them for at least three straight seasons: Miguel Montero (eight seasons) and Gerardo Parra (five seasons). Needless to say, the Diamondbacks are likely going to make some changes going into next year.

Wild Guesses – Who Will Stay and Who Will Go:

Paul Goldschmidt (95%): I think if anyone is a sure thing to stay, it is Paul Goldschmidt. The Diamondbacks cannot afford to let him go. He is the one critical piece in building a successful team.

Heath Bell (90%): His stock has fallen. He is staying with Arizona for at least the next year whether that be on the active roster or temporarily assigned to the minors.

Miguel Montero (70%): Miguel Montero has a long-term contract with the Snakes. That does not mean he is certain to stay, but his stock may not be high enough for a trade given his recent struggles.

Martin Prado (70%): He has signed with the Diamondbacks for the next few years. There are plenty of teams that may try to make a trade, but he is likely to stay. I have a hard time imagining he is just one-and-done with the Diamondbacks.

Patrick Corbin (60%): Truthfully, I really could not give much basis to this prediction. Without him, the Diamondbacks do not have an ace pitcher. Thus, I assume Corbin will stay, but he may be a sell high player.

Gerardo Parra (50%): Gerardo Parra has been with the club for a relatively long time. He is a solid outfielder but a player the Diamondbacks may be willing to part ways with as they reorganize their team.

Aaron Hill (50%): If it was not for his contract extension with the Diamondbacks, I would say he is the most likely candidate to go. He is the one player that Diamondbacks would like to keep but would also help the club acquire other quality players.

Randall Delgado (40%): I think he is more likely than not to get picked up by another team. He shows a lot of promise for a young pitcher, but the Diamondbacks may try to take experience over youth in the offseason.

Didi Gregorius: (20%): I expect either Gregorius or Bloomquist to go. Gregorius was good at times, but too inconsistent for the Diamondbacks to rely on him moving forward. Gregorius is young and could very well improve, but I think the D-Backs are now thinking of the immediate future and not long term. I expect them to instead roll with the seasoned veteran Willie Bloomquist.

In the spirit of Max Scherzer, the unlikely star that I do not want to see leave the Diamondbacks is Randall Delgado. I have been impressed watching him pitch. I think he had some tough luck this season with a 5-7 record. His ERA was not there, but his WHIP was good. He is young and will continue to improve. I expect big things in the coming years from Delgado.