Goldy Loses, Arizona Wins


Paul Goldschmidt’s runner finish in the MVP vote gives the D’backs national legitimacy. Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Diamondbacks’ fans were outraged last week over the National League Most Valuable Player vote. While several felt Paul Goldschmidt deserved to be voted the MVP, many were incensed that Goldy did not garner a single first place vote and that two voters placed him fifth and sixth respectively. Whatever the results, win or lose, there was one thing I believe may bode well for the future of the D’backs.

Arizona baseball was a winner in the headlines.

Think about it, how many times did the D’backs get mentioned during the days leading up to the vote? A team that is virtually ignored on all levels was thrust into the spotlight because one of their own was among the three finalists for arguably baseball’s most prestigious award. Whether they were knocked or praised, the publicity for the Snakes was priceless because there is now a face to go along with the franchise. Next season, when teams are trying to market their games for an upcoming series against the D’backs it is not just “the Arizona Diamondbacks coming into town to face (fill in the blank). It is now “NL MVP runner up Paul Goldschmidt and the Arizona Diamondbacks”, etc. Goldy’s season has given the franchise its first real drawing card since Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were dealing for the team. It helps that he came up through the D’backs’ system as opposed to being traded for or signed by the team as a free agent.

Paul Goldschmidt’s 2013 season could mark a turning point in the perception of the Arizona Diamondbacks. With a legitimate home-grown every day player and a possible  home-grown dominant starting pitcher in Archie Bradley, the future is bright for our boys in Phoenix. They won’t be ignored on the national stage much longer.

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