Black Friday Free Agent Deals


I know that the thought of Christmas shopping really scares people, but maybe the Diamondbacks could find a nice Black Friday deal on a free agent or two this year?

Let’s think about a need for the Diamondbacks. While I think more pitching is always needed, I’m proposing the idea that Arizona might want a middle infielder or third baseman. My buddy Tom Lynch proposed the idea of the D’backs possibly signing Dan Haren. I would definitely be on board with that mainly because I have a Dan Haren Diamondbacks jersey and I want to start wearing it again!

Possibly an option? Image: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Willie Bloomquist is a free agent this year and so is Eric Chavez. That’s the entire left side of the infield right there! The free agent market is stacked this year, and the D’backs have some options. If Arizona can somehow swipe up Clint Barmes from the free agent bin, it may be smart. Being from Colorado, I have seen Barmes grow as a player and I have always been a fan of him. Clint is an everyday guy that could step in for an injury-prone Bloomquist. Yeah, yeah I know Barmes hurt himself carrying deer meat down a flight of stairs, but that is beside the point. However, that leaves a tough spot for Arizona with Didi Gregorius. Is he the shortstop of the future? Overall, if the Snakes can shop for Barmes, it would be smart.

Barmes has played some third base, but with Chavez potentially not being re-signed in Arizona, there is a vacancy at the hot corner. Once again, the third base free agent bargain bin is full. Guys like Michael Young and Brandon Inge are coming to mind. Also, I didn’t think we struck out enough last year so we could always sign Mark Reynolds again! That was a joke, by the way….Personally, I’d like to see Arizona re-sign Chavy to a new deal–not a huge deal, but at least something to get us through next year.

All I’m saying is that there are certainly options out there for the Snakes. Expect Kevin Towers to make some moves and open up his wallet because based on his actions this off season, he is serious about 2014.

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