That’s Enough, Mark Mulder


Whether Mark Mulder wasn’t getting enough face time on ESPN, or he just wanted some extra spending money, he is planning on returning to baseball.

Mulder has worked out for the Giants, Padres, Angels, Phillies, and Diamondbacks. When I first heard this, I could not believe that the Arizona Diamondbacks were falling for this publicity stunt.

Don’t trade that nice suit in for a jersey, Mark. Image: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Mulder has not pitched in a baseball game since 2008. This game has changed since 2008. A lot. Maybe Mark will fit in with some club who is looking for an aging pitcher with a heartwarming comeback story, but it’s not Arizona. What role would Mulder even fill for the Snakes? A starter? No way. If you think Mulder could start a game in this league right now, you’re crazy.

The 36-year-old lefty is certainly in shape–I’ll give him that. Being in shape only gets you so far in baseball, though. Whether Mulder has increased his velocity over the last 5 years or not, this game has evolved since he threw his last pitch. I’m not speaking for the other teams who are interested in Mulder, but Arizona should back off.

The rotation in the desert is built around young, powerful arms. Mulder had his glory years in Oakland, but I’m just confused by this whole situation. The Diamondbacks don’t need Mulder in their rotation. Actually, they don’t need him anywhere on the pitching staff. Mulder is good baseball mind, and honestly, he’s a good analyst. If it’s up to me, Mulder should just stick with his current gig as a broadcaster, father and husband.

I’m sure the Mark Mulder Fan Club is reading this in disgust, but in reality, do you really think Mulder can return to make an impact on any team? Listen, maybe I’m wrong about all this and Mulds will have a similar story to Mel Clark from Angels In The Outfield. Do you guys remember that? Aging Tony Danza was struggling, and then the Angels made him pitch better and he became a stud. Man, what a great movie!

Who knows, maybe this could happen because when Jordan went back the NBA with the Washington Wizards, things went really well! Oh, wait….

Anyway, you guys know how I feel now. If you feel inclined to send hate mail, be gentle.

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