Diamondback Player Outlook: Miguel Montero


In May of 2012, Miguel Montero signed a five year, $60 million dollar contract extension through the 2017 season. This move was great for the Arizona Diamondbacks because they were able to lock up one of MLB’s best overall catchers. In 2011 and 2012, he was one of the best run producers at the position driving in 80 plus runs both seasons. Montero has also developed into one of the best defensive catchers throwing runners out at one of the best clips in the Majors. Make no mistake, Miggy deserved that contract. However, 2013 was a whole other story.

How 2013 went: In the first year of his new deal, Montero struggled with his health which resulted in a disappointing season, his worst as a Diamondback. He had difficulty with his timing and mechanics; he just didn’t feel right at the plate and seemed to have lost confidence in himself. After hitting above .300 in April, everybody (including me) thought that Miggy was primed for another big year. However, things just went terribly wrong from there. He suffered through a miserable slump beginning in May that eventually dropped his average to .180 on May 17th. Then Montero went on the D.L and after he came off of it on August 26th things started to turn around. He hit .321 in his first seven games back, suggesting that he will rebound in 2014. The key for Miggy is to not over swing. It seemed like last year he was always swinging for the fences and a lot of his at bats would end ugly. He has been working with hitting coach Turner Ward all spring. We will see if that hard work pays off.

Outlook for 2014: A bounce back year from Montero is one of the biggest keys for the Snakes to get over the hump and make the postseason in 2014. All he has to do is redefine his swing and stop going for the fences every plate appearance. He should return to the Montero of 2011 and 2012. As long as he stays healthy I predict a bounce back season for him where he will drive in 80 + runs once again and be a force in what seems as a stacked D’backs lineup.

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