Nobody Is Winning The Battle At SS…Yet


Didi vs. Chris Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Does anybody want to play shortstop for the Diamondbacks? Anybody? Hello? Bueller? I played a little middle infield my junior of high school, so I might give it a shot.

Going into the spring, the entire D’backs lineup was pretty much carved in stone with the exception of the shortstop position. It’s probably safe to say that the position belongs to Didi, but nothing has jumped off the screen about him this spring. If the criteria is experience over performance, then let’s go with Gregorius. With that said, Chris Owings has showed a lot of potential, but hasn’t really blown anyone away yet. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Chris Owings will be the shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks. When that time will come is still up in the air.

Don’t get me wrong, the lineup is pretty solid offensively, but you and me both know that Didi and Chris aren’t super big home run threats (unless it’s their first ever MLB at-bat). Defensively, both guys are even. However, both are great defensively. As I’m writing this, Gregorius just threw out a Brewer on a fantastic play. Throughout my life playing baseball, the motto was always: “You hit. You play.” Okay, I agree with that. Owings has posted a .297 average with an OPS of .755 with eight hits in the last 10 games.  Didi is around .233 with a much lower OPS.

Honestly, I think the team will be fine with whoever ends up starting. I just feel like nobody is blowing me away so far. But then again, what do I know? I’m just a guy watching the game from home and I’m not on the field. If Kevin Towers calls me today–which he probably will, I’ll tell him to go with Owings. I’ll also ask for a hefty check for my time and opinion.

Both guys have a similar style that is conducive to Diamondbacks baseball. Let’s also not forget how well Cliff Pennington is playing this spring, too. Dude is hitting the ball like crazy. This is going to be fun!

See ya in Australia. You guys want to meet up and play some cricket or something?

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