Towers Gibson get vote of confidence from Diamondbacks


Despite a horrid start to the 2014 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are off to a 4-14 start which is the worst in franchise history, Managing Partner Ken Kendrick and Team President Derrick Hall have given both General Manager Kevin Towers and Manager Kirk Gibson a vote of confidence. This early in the year no G.M or Manager want to hear those words especially this early in the season, but at least management has some confidence in them.

Talking to, this is what Hall said about the job status of both Gibson and Towers, “After 18 games now is not the time to point fingers,” Hall said. “The healthier thing to do is to focus on how to get this thing figured out.” He also went on to say, “Two of the worst things we can do is act on emotion and act too soon, or act too late.” Hall says he doesn’t even want to think about the job status of either one, instead he wants to focus on getting this season turned around.

The Diamondbacks who opened the season in Sydney Australia on March 22 and 23 haven’t had much go their way. They started by dropping both games to the Dodgers in the opening series, and then came home and dropped three of four to the Giants at Chase including the home opener on March 31st. Then the Dbacks went on their first U.S road trip dropping two of three to Colorado and its been downhill from there.

The team is 4-14 which is the worst record in baseball, there 1-11 at home this year and are 6-13 against the N.L West. The Dbacks have the worst pitching staff in the majors by far. The rotation’s combined era is a horrible 7.16 and the rotation only has three quality starts this season which has in turn affected the bullpen which has already blown 3 saves this year after leading the majors in blown saves in 2013.  The Dbacks defense which was the best in the major leagues concluded a 0-6 homestand in which they committed eight errors and now lead the majors with 15 errors. Even gold glove right fielder Gerardo Parra has just as many errors as assists.

The baseball gods simply dont like the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. Every time Dbacks fans think its going to get turned around everything spirals out of control. For example, when the Dbacks won two straight in San Francisco to win their first series of the year, everybody thought the team would gain some momentum and go on a winning streak. That came to a screeching halt when they got back home getting swept by the Dodgers and most recently the Mets. The attendance is suffering as a result and it seems like there is no end in sight to this losing streak. A team that was well positioned after 2011 has just taken a nosedive over the past two seasons when it comes to baseball  and its all culmunating in possibly the worst season in franchise history. Lets just say that Gibson and Towers jobs dont look very secure right now.