Diamondbacks honor anniversary of Randy Johnson’s perfect game


May 18, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Randy Johnson throws out the first pitch at Chase Field to honor the 10th anniversary of his perfect game against the Atlanta Braves. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a busy homestand hasn’t it Dbacks fans. On Friday the Diamondbacks held Elvis Night, on Saturday in front of a crowd of over 38,000, Gerardo Parra‘s bobblehead was given out, and before this afternoon’s series finale, the Dbacks honored the 10 year anniversary of Randy Johnson‘s prefect game.

The Dbacks welcomed Randy back to Chase Field in front of another great crowd. He threw out the first pitch to his former battery mate Robby Hammock who caught the perfect game on May 18th, 2004 at Turner Field in Atlanta. The atmosphere was electric and I could tell that Randy was excited to be back at Chase.

Before the game, the Dbacks played every out of Johnson’s perfecto on the scoreboard, and interviews with then Manager Bob Brenly, teammate Luis Gonzalez, and brodcaster Thom Brennaman. Johnson was then introduced over the P.A system, coming out of the Dbacks dugout to a standing ovation. Randy was also presented with a one of a kind painting of him and Hammock celebrating the perfect game on the field.

Dbacks Manager Kirk Gibson was thrilled to have Randy at Chase Field and wanted his players to be there during the ceremony talking to MLB.com: “It’s great that we can have the day to honor him and what he’s done,” Gibson said. “As I told the team today, it’s important that we’re out there [in the dugout] to show our respect for what he’s done for the game and everything. People don’t realize how hard he worked and how really he worked through things. He didn’t take his success. He used it as almost a fear, it seems like, to drive him for his next start. He quickly moved on. While I was here and coached with him, it was like he moved on so quickly, he was almost shy about his success.” Gibson has extended an invitation to Johnson to spring training. 

Johnson was excited to be back at Chase Field: “It’s very flattering to come back here,” Johnson said. “I follow the Diamondbacks, obviously, but there’s so much that I’m enjoying in life. I’m enjoying traveling with my children and my wife.” After retiring from the game with 303 wins he pursued his passion of photography, and he travels on behaf of the USO to visit with soliders. It was great to have Randy back at Chase!