Martin Prado to Have a Vision Check


Martin Prado needs a trip to the eye doctor. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Paging Rick Vaughn. For those unfamiliar with the classic movie “Major League”, Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen, is a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher that has a problem: he can’t get the ball over the plate. He goes to the doctor and it turns out he has an eye issue. The “Wild Thing” gets outfitted with some new glasses and he becomes an instant success. Today, the real-life Arizona Diamondbacks have their own player who needs a visit to the eye doctor.

Martin Prado left Sunday’s victory during the third inning because of blurred vision. He went 0 for 2 before being removed and is scheduled to see specialist in Phoenix Monday morning before joining his teammates in St. Louis.  Prado told Steve Gilbert at

"“I just woke up this morning and it was just blurry in my left eye,” Prado said. “I drank a lot of water, put a lot of drops in there, but it didn’t work out well.”“I wasn’t recognizing [any pitches],” Prado said. “It wasn’t a good idea to keep playing like that.”"

Maybe this was just a one day occurrence. However, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable or even amused to see Prado return with some Rick Vaughn-type glasses? After all, it has been a real struggle for the veteran third baseman in 2014. He has zero home runs and his on-base percentage is an underwhelming .298. Prado has struck out 30 times as opposed to 10 walks and has committed eight errors in only 42 games. Comparing his this season’s numbers to his career stats, it seems obvious that this might be more than just a slump.

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