The Diamondbacks Don’t Have Many Marketable Pieces


May 17, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Tony La Russa addresses the media after being introduced as the Arizona Diamondbacks

With the trade deadline vastly approaching it is becoming more and more likely that the Snakes will be conservative sellers. While they have traded Brad Ziegler, Joe Thatcher, and Brandon McCarthy they aren’t big deals and that might be all the Dbacks do.

The Dbacks are not in the same position as some other clubs. They are not in fire sale mode and they are not going to hit the reset button on the roster. This team lost a lot in March and had a horrible April, and as a result got into a big hole. With the Giants and Dodgers in the same division it will be to big to overcome.

This team has to realize that they can compete in 2015 if they can stay healthy, and this team is more talented than the record shows. With Tony La Russa in charge, good things are going to happen. This team doesn’t have to trade anyone and trading to many peices would be stupid. Take this perspective: If you trade to many pieces minor leaguers are going to have to play big roles, and that a lot of pressure on a kid especially on winner even for someone like Jake Lamb who has 70 RBI’s in a Double A.

ESPN Baseball Insider Tim Kurkijan talked about the Dbacks as the deadline on 98.7 FM:

“I just don’t think they have many truly marketable players, you know, players that can really bring you back what you need,” he said, frankly.

“To look at the Diamondbacks and say, ‘Oh, they’ve had a terrible year; they haven’t been to the playoff in years; let’s just blow this thing up and trade everyone’ — that doesn’t make any sense, either.”

“They have to try to get better for next year and the way to do that is to hang on to their best players unless someone comes along and overwhelms them,” he explained. “But right now, they don’t have a whole lot of guys with a whole lot of value.”

Trading just for the sake of being a seller — fitting the bill of a losing team — is pointless, the analyst concluded. It has to be purposeful to make a true difference. “You’ve got to make the right trades this time of year, and if it doesn’t present itself then you don’t make it.”

He is right. Cliff Pennington is a backup shortstop and doesn’t have value to any team. Didi Gregorius has value especially to the Mets but if they trade him now, and end up trading Aaron Hillit might leave them with a whole at second base. Plus we don’t know how long Chris Owings is going to be out.

Nobody wants Trevor Cahill and he should be released. Aaron Hill is more likely to be traded before Martin Prado, and while his market is expanding he is hot right now. Prado probably won’t get traded unless the Dbacks get a great deal because Jake Lamb is not ready and they like his versatility. The Dbacks apparently want to keep Brad Ziegler as well.  Hill and Prado who are probably on the market the most but don’t have great value because of their age, contracts, and fluctuating production.

I just don’t think this is going to be a very active deadline overall. This deadline values right handed relief and starting pitching the most and the Dbacks don’t have either and the players that have the most value are to important for this team to trade now. Hill, Didi, and Prado are more likely to get moved in the offseason especially with Hill looking like the player we saw in 2011, and Prado looking like his old form. His average is up in the 270’s and he is heating up and I think both players have a lot left in the tank and if health is the biggest issue this team can contend with pretty much the same offense and a different starting rotation that includes a healthy Patrick Corbin.

Mark Trumbo trade rumors are out there but that is bogus. He has been injured most of the year and he hasn’t really gotten a chance to showcase his total package that he did in Anaheim. He was leading the N.L or near the top in HR and RBI and was providing more protection for Paul Goldschmdit then again Goldy’s numbers have proved that he doesn’t need Trumbo.

His OBP and his batting average are the biggest issues and if Peralta continues to perform I think you could see him traded in the offseason. I think it is more likely that the Dbacks see what he can do up until next July especially in a park like Chase Field.

If there is anybody that will get traded it will be Oliver Perez because left handed relief is valued in the market all the time. Gerardo Parra also has some value because of his defense and he can get hot in the leadoff spot, and the desire has only increased to trade Parra with the emergence of David Peralta. You have to listen to offers for him but then again he is a fan favorite and we dont know how long Peralta can keep this going.

This team believes they can compete next year and to me are still in a relatively win now mode so why trade your best players who are producing that you need for next season when the biggest issue is health. Sellers are more interesting to cover and the Dbacks and the Phillies are probably the most interesting.